This is a lacking list of projects hosted on this server.

.. The first one is this server itself. This server is frameworkless Node.JS, only major libraries being the node standards and MongoDB driver. Unfortunatetly closed source for now.

Voxel graphics

Voxplat (NOV 2018)

By far the most exciting thing I've made, see more with the link!

Shovel (OCT 2017)

Partial webshovel (see below) rewrite, has a significantly improved mesher.

Voxel graphics on the web

Webshovel (2016-2017)
Standard meshed multiplayer voxel engine. Available on Github.

Deferred voxels (FEB 2018)
Highly experimental voxel splatter/defferred/magic renderer. Requires a mid-tier graphics card.
This recently published NVIDIA paper has some interesting high-level similiarities, but actual implementation is radically different.

Wavesurf (SEP 2018)
An attempt at replicating Ken Silverman's voxlap renderer. This paper may be of interest.
(This runs on a single CPU thread)

Basic Raycaster (2017)
Multithreaded CPU-only voxel raycaster. Uses naive grid traversal.

Small Canvas2D and WebGL toys

Fractal (2017)
Explore the Mandelbrot fractal!

Spring engine (2016)
A wierdly implemented spring-mass engine. By default loads tearable cloth. You can also build stuff with it.

Cubes (2015)
Fill the screen with cubes and watch them collide, orbit each other, and eventually clump togheter.

Particles (2015)
How many particles can my bad Javascript programming handle? Hold Mouse1 to make them orbit your cursor!

PerlinGL (2016)
Just cool looking geometry.

Neon shader (2018)
I was a huge fan of Ferry Corsten's Twice in a Blue Moon album and its cover art, and wanted to recreate the look in a shader.

Work in Progress!

More potentially useful stuff at my Github.

Also this is not a resume!